Serving Omaha for More than 80 years.

The Lindley name has been synonymous with men’s fine clothing for years in Omaha. More than 80 years in fact. Jack Lindley opened Lindley Clothing in Wahoo, NE in 1935, and the business was moved to downtown Millard in 1960 by Jack’s son Butch.

John Lindley joined the business that his grandfather Jack started in 1979, and eventually bought the business from his uncle Butch in 1988. John made a decision to move the business west to 132nd and Dodge St. in order to move with the population growth. It was a decision John has never regretted. Business has tripled since the move, and John believes he could not have picked a more perfect location to serve his customers.

“Service is our top priority, and we do it very well,” says John. Lindley’s customer list is nearly 5,000, and many of those are regular customers. “We know our clients by name, and we know what they like.” This is particularly handy when spouses come to the store, looking for the perfect gift.

John credits many dedicated employees for contributing to the company’s success, including his tailor who has been Lindley’s tailor for 35 years, and has helped build trust with clients. Good tailoring is hard to find, and nearly impossible at big department stores. Lindley clients have come to trust his work, which is often requested at the last minute!

The business has evolved over the years in order to meet the needs of customers. Styles have changed over the years, and today business suits are the main driver to get customers in the door. John is encouraged more and more young professionals have become clients, and he appreciates that young people today recognize the importance of dressing well in the business world.

The Lindley name is known for fine suits, but nearly 50% of their business is sportswear. Customers are often surprised when they visit the store and learn they can be dressed from head to toe, including shoes!

You may no longer be able to purchase a tie for $5 like you could when the business opened, but the friendly service and commitment to customers that the company was built on has not changed.