It’s better to buy a new suit than rent a tuxedo.

Whether its your wedding, or another special occasion, we want to help you look and feel like the best-dressed in the room, and you can do that in a suit from Lindley Clothing. Stop in today and let us help you choose the perfect suit for your special event – and beyond!

According to The Knot, June is the most popular month to have a wedding, followed by August, September and October. This has us thinking about outfitting grooms and groomsmen for the big day. Tuxedos have been traditional wear for the groom and his groomsmen, but in recent years we’ve seen an increasing number of wedding parties opting for suits over tuxedos.

We have also seen a shift from traditional suits for professional purposes to a wide variety of styles, patterns and colors. At Lindley Clothing, we carry a large selection of suits for any occasion, and we encourage you to come browse. Weddings and fashion have changed over the years, and more and more grooms are choosing suits over more formal tuxedos for themselves and their wedding parties. For many it can be a style choice, but for some it comes down to practicality. There’s been a shift from renting tuxes to purchasing suits that can be worn multiple times.

Suits also allow for more leeway when it comes to customizing to fit personal taste and styles. The versatility of a suit and the ability to wear a variety of shirt styles, colors and patterns are making them a more popular choice.

How is a suit different from a tuxedo? Here are some physical differences:

·       A tuxedo has satin, typically on the lapel, a side stripe down the leg, and a facing for the buttons, and a suit has no satin

·       Accessories for a tuxedo are a coordinating bow tie and cummerbund, while a suit is traditionally worn with a long tie (although a bow tie can also be worn) and occasionally a vest

·       A suit has plastic buttons faced with the same fabric as the coat

·       A white shirt with a wing or turndown collar is worn with a tux, while a suit can be worn with a shirt in a variety of colors and patterns

·       Tuxedos are worn with black patent shoes, while a suit can be worn with a variety of shoes including loafers and oxfords